Bar & Nightclub Social Distancing Is Here

Overflow helps you stay safe & follow the new guidelines

As the government continues to allow your venues to reopen, many new restrictions are being put in place. Social distancing rules, smaller maximum capacity, face masks, and many more.

All of these new rules make it difficult for you to earn the profits you need to stay in business.

Overflow Mobile Ordering App has been created and tested specifically for Bars and Nightclubs!

Placing orders from their phones, your customers are now able to maintain their social distance with contactless payments, find the exact drinks they want, and quickly order without handling cash or cards.

Overflow is simple.

Setup takes just moments. Ordering is just a few clicks.  And the customers simply show their phone to the bartenders to pick up their drinks.

Get started now with no setup costs. Only $50/mo subscription.  And cancel any time.

Get your venue back up and running at full speed with Overflow.

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