What is Overflow?

January 18, 2021

Learn about how Overflow works and why it's perfect for your bar!

What is Overflow?

Overflow is a mobile ordering app designed specifically for bars and nightclubs.

To get started, sign up now at www.overflowordering.com for only $50 per month!

Overflow allows your bartenders to easily serve more drinks on busy nights.

Your patrons simply order and pay using their phone while at your bar.

Call us: 818.253.4289

Email us: nick@overflowordering.com

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● Signup for Bar Owners:    www.overflowordering.com

● iOS Patron App:    apps.apple.com/us/app/overflow-drink-ordering/id1411540254

● Android Patron App:    play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bixly.overflow

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Get Overflow for your business now!

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Email: signup@overflowordering.com

Phone: 818.253.4289

Video Transcription

Nick Wortley:

Hey, welcome to Overflow. I'm Nick Wortley, CEO and founder. I want to quickly show you why Overflow is perfect for bars and nightclubs, why it's specifically designed for bartenders, and how you can easily serve more patrons on your busy nights. Overflow is not a pickup or delivery app; it is for patrons while they're at your bar, super crowded, dancing, having a great time. We recommend placing the iPad, which we provide free of charge, next to your existing POS computers. From there, you'll be able to manage incoming orders and orders that are ready to be handed out.

To place an order, your patrons simply download the app, find you on the list of nearby bars, and browse your menu. Your menu is fully customizable, so it has all of your drinks, prices, descriptions, categories. To order a drink, your patrons simply find what they want - let's say, vodka soda - press "Order," leave a tip for the bartender, choose their payment method, and hit "Place order." Simple as that.

On the bartender's side, they now have an order that appears on the left. While they're hustling, bustling, going back and forth, they go, "I'm going to work on that." They tap it and it gives them some time to go make the drink before notifying the customer. Once the customer is notified, they will have the screen that says, "Go to the bartender and show them this. This is your ticket." The bartender sees the phone, says, "Okay, I've got a drink for you," hands it to them, clicks right here, done. Payment is processed, the customer is happy, and the bartender can immediately move on to handle more stuff.

As you can see, the workflow does not distract from what bartenders already doing. In fact, they can simply make more drinks in the same amount of time without having to change their workflow. If you want to get started with Overflow, it's only $50 a month. You can sign up on our website or give us a call. We'll run you through the entire process. From there, we ship you the iPad and you're off and running. If you want to start serving your customers using Overflow, sign up today.

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